• The WebEngage Story

    After a few months of “downtime”, I am opening up. All over again! When I finished my engineering in 2005, I had a dream – a small one. I wanted to learn how to run a large scale “website” end-to-end. It was a good enough dream to give me the much needed push to join… Continue Reading

  • The Billion Dollar Indian Dilemma

    Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday. ~ Steve Jobs Of late, a lot of people have been discussing about how long would it be before Indian startups hit the billion dollar club more often. More importantly, can India actually deliver billion dollar companies? I am glad that Indian startups have atleast become… Continue Reading

  • Growth Is A Mindset

    Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. ~ Benjamin Franklin Along with my co-founder Ankit, I have been running the show at WebEngage for 2 years now. We have seen a lot in these two years – lack of capital, lack of people, lack of processes, lack of… Continue Reading

  • WebEngage turns 2

    Its 13th Oct, 2013 and I have a news to share with you. WebEngage turns 2 today! Happy b’day baby. A lot of other things turn 2 today – our passion in building this company, our unshakeable product vision, our belief that the world needs this product, our perseverance while going through painful enterprise sales… Continue Reading

  • Intensity – The Code Of My Life

    The excellency of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeable evaporate. ~ John Keats My work makes me travel a lot these days. I hate being on the road. But, the biggest thing that possibly drives me to be on the go, is the fact that I love meeting people. As much as my… Continue Reading

  • Selling is a state of being

    This post is for my fellow entrepreneurs. Especially, the one’s who love to code and create stuff, but find themselves clueless about “how to sell?”. Everyone lives by selling something. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson We have done reasonably well in taking WebEngage to thousands of customers worldwide within 20 months of our launch. There’s a whole… Continue Reading

  • Faith, Belief and Startups

    Last 3 months have been crazy – too much of travel, a couple of health related issues, shifting offices, making sure that we end up hiring a few good folks at WebEngage … for someone who believes in changing the world one step at a time, all of this was too much to handle at… Continue Reading