Faith, Belief and Startups

Last 3 months have been crazy – too much of travel, a couple of health related issues, shifting offices, making sure that we end up hiring a few good folks at WebEngage … for someone who believes in changing the world one step at a time, all of this was too much to handle at once. However, something nice did happen during this period too. I have started believing (a bit more) in people and ideas.

We live in a country of non-believers. We are raised being reminded how everyone around you, is a cheat. And, that shows in our thought processes too. A bit of travel this year showed me how this behavior is fundamentally different in the west. While on a business trip to the US in April this year, I met a lot of people. By default, most of these people would trust me with everything I was going to tell them about my product and company. A whole lot of these people met me for the first time, that too, without any reference. Trust is their welcome drink. Cynicism is ours.

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My parents were in town last month and insisted that I accompanied them to Shirdi. Given that me and God don’t gel well, I knew it was going to be a tiring trip with lot of road travel followed by long wait in scorching sun and making through never ending queues for a darshan that I didn’t want in the very first place. My younger sibling is a media journalist. In last 5 years of her job, I congratulated her for the first time for her choice of career … because she arranged VIP passes for all of us to get a back-door entry to baba; yes, welcome to India. I found it foolish to see thousands of people packed in a huge hall, with their hands folded – waiting to get a glimpse of the idol. A few minutes later, the chants started, aarti as it called. To my surprise, two minutes into the aarti, I started singing along. Maybe, because everyone around me was singing. 20 minutes later, I realized that I enjoyed doing it. And then I glanced at the crowd again. They appeared to be wiser; because, unlike me, they knew beforehand that they’ll enjoy the experience. I wasted a few minutes being cynical. It wasn’t about God. It was about enjoying those 20 minutes.

The distance between me and God cannot be bridged; mostly for my so-called rational and logical thinking. But, I now understand the importance of believing. Negativity is our worst enemy. Being positive is a state of mind. Being positive 24*7 is a pre-condition to any startup’s success. It ain’t easy. Thankfully, being a believer makes it easier.

Hate people when they breach your trust. But, start by being a believer first, you’d love it.

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Latest Comments

  1. Nitin Bansal says:

    Wow…..cant believe i read it full….usually i skip blog posts after just a few lines 😉

  2. lalchetian says:

    Experienced this so many times. I am not much of a ‘thiest’ but I love the rush and aartis at such temples.
    Though in india, being a believer always is a double edged sword!

  3. Rabi Gupta says:

    100% echoing my thoughts 🙂

  4. Savan says:

    very well written Avlsesh sir!

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