2 idiots; looking for 2 more

Idiots Rule

Image courtsey: Defunkd.com

At WebEngage, we are self-proclaimed idiots. Oh yes, we are.

Ankit and I have worked real hard for the last 14 months. Be it engineering one of the most powerful SaaS toolkit of our times or the fascinating journey of acquiring 5200+ customers worldwide or our fundraising events. From zero to hero in 14 months! Ain’t it amazing?

Well, what sounds great to you, was actually a lot of hard work for the two of us. We have been doing things that we were never trained to do. Ankit, for example, manages all our customer support queries. The queries are mostly technical in nature and he ends up spending a lot of time these days to get customers on-board and have them use our tool effectively. I, on other hand, have taken charge of all the selling, marketing and day to day admin activities at the company. Both of us still take customer phone calls at the oddest hours. Everyday. And, we love doing it. Did you ask, “So, what’s unusual in all of that”? Well, not much … except for the fact that both of us are hardcore developers at heart, mind and soul; Alongside building the software that all of you love, we also perform the above-mentioned tasks. For a pair each of eyes, hands, legs and just 24 hours in a day – believe me, it ain’t easy.

What’s the deal? – Oh, we are looking for idiot #3 and #4
With all the background above, here’s the deal. The two of us have built something immensely valuable. Now is the time for us to fire on all cylinders. We looked at great companies and figured out how they were built. From Facebook to Flipkart, great stories always had a great team of believers. We take a lot of pride in building this team of idiots; we are now looking to add significant two, to this list –

Idiot #3: Country Head, Enterprise Sales (India)
Does that sound big? Lemme make it bigger. In India, we have the sort of enterprise customer base that most companies would kill for – Makemytrip, Snapdeal, Yatra, Getit, Indiatimes, Deals and You, Reliance Insurance, Future Bazaar etc to name a few. Get your dose of nicotine here. With such an enviable customer base, we now plan to go for the KEEL. If you were me, you’d start salivating upon coming across ANY e-commerce, travel or content business. And they talk about “market size”. There is no size here, just a huge market to be swept clean with a killer product. We are waiting for you to carry forward this dream of building a huge business on top of a great product. We might sound desperate, but it is really hard to impress us. “Sold” already? Let’s talk.

Idiot #4: Chief Design Officer
We have tried to find you in so many ways. But you still elude us. Why? We are not bad people. We are just bad-mouthed. We have an iMac and a Macbook Pro waiting for you. You’d be surprised by the kind of things we are doing. Dude, keeping 5200+ customers happy is no joke. You know that. Right? Give us a spin and you’ll understand the size of balls one needs to build something like that. All that said, we miss you badly. Everyday. Wish you could tell us a thing or two about how to present shit loads of data to a customer in non-intimidating ways. Wish you could help us push our marketing efforts with ease. Wish you could be a part of the next being success story from India in the making. Let’s talk.

FYI, we have a lot of cash-in-bank; and big enough equity pile to keep you happy. Come, help us build the company that you always wanted to be a part of. I am listening on avlesh[at]webklipper]dot[com.

– Avlesh

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