4 years of togetherness

12-12-12 is also our 4th wedding anniversary.

From being school time friends to life partners – Nupur and I have  come a long long way. I am not sure about the kind of husband I have been, but she has played a perfect partner. Be it dealing with the financial turmoils because of my crazy startup journeys or hectic travel schedules that have become a part and parcel of my life, she has stood there firmly to take care of everything else. Being a working woman, raising a  kid and supporting ailing parents – doing all of this at the same time is no joke.

I am proud of the fact that my kid is being raised with the same values.

Here’s how it all started:


12-12-2008 – the wedding day

And this is the best gift I have ever received:


Anika – born on 10th March, 2011

Thank you wifey. You have been a pillar of strength. Wish you a very happy anniversary. And here’s raising a toast to many many more. Cheers!

4 years and counting ...

4 years and counting …

– Avlesh

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