Life blob – September, 2012

Life is good. Infact awesome. With an 18 month old kid who runs & murmurs faster than me; and a well funded company which is generating cash like never before, what else could I ask for? Add to these, the fact, that I still live with the same kid-like passion and enthusiasm with which I joined my first startup 7 years ago. I told you, life’s good 🙂

Here’s how the kiddo is looking these days:

Anika at 18 months – 1

Anika at 18 months – 2

She is growing fast. She has started speaking, a lot. Whatever me or Nupur says to her, comes back to us in broken formats. She loves to enjoy her evenings with other kids in the society. I don’t have words to explain as to how nice it is to see her grow, as I turn older, everyday. Love you sweetheart. Nupur has been playing a nice mom, a committed Vodafone employee and an always busy entrepreneur’s wife – all of it with great grace. Respect.
Here’s how the business is shaping up these days:
Very recently, we raised capital from a NY based PE fund. We are yet to announce the deal, however here’s a PR done by our investors, GTI Capital – We are expanding fast globally. Faster than what I ever imagined. Within 10 months of our launch, we are now the feedback, survey and notification backbone for over 3600 online businesses as of this morning. Ain’t that wonderful?
And that’s not it! Our site, is undergoing a massive facelift. We’d be releasing a new website next week. Last week, I unveiled a the new branding on our company blog here. Underneath is a sneak peek into what’s cooking in our kitchen:

Sneak peek into WebEngage’s new design

Lemme know if you liked what you saw. Expect a lot more to come from me and my team in coming weeks. Oh, btw, we are hiring in sales, marketing and tech – if you are keen, this is the right time to poke me. FWIW, you shouldn’t miss joining this fun ride with one of the hottest Indian startups of our times.

There’s a lot going on right now. I’ll let the euphoria settle and come back to you next month with updates. Thanks for the patient read!

P.S: I’ll be in Delhi next weekend (28th and 29th Sept) to attend Google’s event for entrepreneurs. If you’d like to catch up at the event or otherwise, lemme know.

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