Monsoon, Moolah and Magic

I was in Delhi recently and then had a quick trip to my hometown (Patna). Monsoons are real bad this year. The whole of North India is living under the fear of a drought (like) situation. Rice producing belts of Bihar, UP, Orrisa and West Bengal are finding it difficult to sow and reap paddy in their farmlands. These are very difficult times for common man, especially the poor and underprivileged – may the forces be with them. I am ready to offer Lord Indra some real nice single-malts to do the honors so that he can make up for all the rainfall deficit this year 🙂

After sharing this grim situation with you, I have a great news to share. At WebEngage, we recently closed our seed round of funding from a NY based fund. Yay! We’ll take more time, maybe another 2-3 months, to announce the deal size and investors. However, for now, I can tell you that we are on a roll. We have multiplied ourselves manifold in terms of customers, revenues, scale and valuations. Oh, if you were not aware, we raised a tiny angel round of capital last year.

And now, the news on our latest blockbuster – WebEngage Notifications – a simple DIY messaging tool for online businesses.

WebEngage Notification in action

Check out some awesome use cases and our vision behind the tool. The Notification product is giving us great visibility. Existing customers like Yatra, Makemytrip, Future Bazaar, Reliance Insurance etc are finding it an amazing utility to drive conversions. And new one’s like Getit,, DealsAndYou etc have just fallen in love with it. Don’t take my word on it. Sign up today, give it a go once and decide for yourself!

Will come back to you soon with updates. Thanks!

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