Latest updates: new pad, growing kid and a supremely hot biz

Satellite Tower, Goregaon East, Mumbai

I was busy all of last week moving into a new pad – Satellite Towers, Goregaon East. I have been putting up in this locality for over 4 years now and I must admit that I love being here. As a bachelor, moving homes was easy – 5 boxes of garbage and few suitcases. Simple. After three years of marriage and having an year old kid, things change. A truck full of boxes and furniture. And another truck full of clothes and electronics. Huh! So much of a hassle, that me and the biwi have decided to buy home next year. And for a change, I have started “planning” for it – a first in my life so far. I love my new pad though. Wish I had enough money to buy it today. It has huge rooms and big balconies to see suburban Mumbai from the 17th floor. Add to that, the peace and tranquility of Goregaon East. It is indeed a pleasure living here.

View from bedroom

My kid is loving it too. She roams around all day in the house. And now that she has enough space, she is picking up soccer! She is growing fast, I mean real fast. She will be 15 months tomorrow. We have spotted some nice playschools around to get her admitted to one of those, soon. While she says mamma, daadi, bua with great ease, I am kind of waiting in great anticipation to hear pappa.

The business (WebEngage) is growing leaps and bounds. We are expanding fast outside India. Apart from our enviable India customer base which includes customers like MakeMytrip, Yatra, Future Group, Indiatimes, Cleartrip, Reliance Insurance, Getit etc; we now have some huge names from across the world in our clientele –, Rea-Group, Park n Fly etc to name a few. With over 2100 customers worldwide (… and counting), we’ll soon be a profitable company – a dream-come-true-day for any company. Also, I’ll take this opportunity to break a news to you. We have set our eyes on the US market. To help us expand globally, we are trying to raise a seed round of capital funding for WebEngage. We are in later stages of talks with various funds. More on this, once we close the round of funding.

That’s about it. While all of the above sounds exciting and cool, trust me it ain’t. (I took a deep breath). Yeah, I have forgotten that I am a human being. The one that has human needs. With so much going around me on all fronts, I have pretty much become a machine – always on the job. Startups are not easy. They never were. But a fast growing startup is even harder. Its a bitch. It demands a lot of time and attention. I have worked almost 16 hours everyday in the last 1 year. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So be it. The fatigue kicks in, once in a while. I have grown older, a bit beyond my age. My parents tell me that I have always been like this – a bit older than what I should have been. What bullshit! What am I talking about? Alright, time to go. Will come back soon with the next update(s). Have a great weekend.

Latest Comments

  1. ankit sinha says:

    Well done sirji….u would always be an inspiration!

  2. jaideep singh (@jaideepkhare) says:

    Congrats sir. hope you wont need to shift from here but buy this one 🙂

  3. Nikita Upreti says:

    i always enjoy reading your “boring posts”(as you like to call them)…..somehow bring a smile on the face 🙂

    • avlesh says:

      Makes me quote this shitty bollywood dialogue – “मैं तो सिर्फ सच बोलता हूँ जी, अच्छी तो अपने आप लग जाती है”. I think we barter admiration on all counts. Keep rocking!

  4. Sandeep says:

    Nice read to start a weekend with 🙂

  5. Anshuman Prabhakar says:

    Awesome! So mature writing. Very inspirational.

  6. Vishal Shah says:

    Just admire the spirit of language used in your job posting on Linkedin, Not being
    so Formal and talk to the point is what i admire..and the liveliness of the language it self says how much you love what you are doing..

    Do your Best !!

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