Why should you demo your product at UnPluggd?

UnPlugged – July 7th, 2012

For starters, UnPluggd is one of the largest showcase events for Indian startups. A select few companies get an opportunity to demo their product in front of a diverse audience. We got a huge mileage by demoing WebEngage last year at the UnPluggd event in Pune. I summed up my experiences at the event here.

I loved the event for all good things it has done to us w.r.t WebEngage. Since the event is around the corner (7th July, 2012), I thought, I should share some reasons on why you should seriously consider showcasing your startup/product at this event –

You get the Angel/VC attention immediately
Most startups that present at such events are very early in the game – at max, they have a simple prototype on top of an idea. So, it might be bit of a drag to say that you’ll manage to find great investor interest during the event itself. However, fwiw, you’d definitely become a “known” entity for all Angels/VC’s attending the event. Ashish and team at UnPluggd do a great job of having such people in attendance. Which means you get a golden chance to make an awesome pitch.

You get eyeballs, too many of them; Oh, you get the SEO benefit as well
The beauty with this event is that it is backed by PluggdIn. While the event ends in a couple of hours, what follows next is much more valuable. Participants get showcased on the PluggdIn blog. It doesn’t end there. Blog posts are amazing. They are a perennial source of traffic (if the blog is well followed). Look at this post, for example. We get traffic to our site from this particular post everyday. There’s no better free marketing tool!

You get credibility added to your brand
One of the biggest problems startups face, is of credibility. Customers/users will always ask you silly questions on why should they use your product. Existing customer references work the best. If you are too early in the game, most likely, you won’t have such references to bank upon. In that case, interest generated through these events, can very well become a part of your sales pitch.

I recently wrote about some very early stage startups here. I encourage them and all other “fresh fresh” startups to apply and find a place in the demo slot. Its worth it.

Disclaimer: I am adding a disclaimer after reading this post twice. It seems like an advertisement for PluggdIn/UnPluggd. I wrote to Ashish Sinha (the founder at PluggdIn) to claim some sort of a fee for publishing this post. He denied outright saying he doesn’t have any money to pay. So, in legal jargon – I am in no way associated with PluggdIn or UnPluggd. Views expressed above are all mine. I am not entitled to be killed if you disagree. Thanks.

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  1. Kunalkant Sen says:

    Avlesh, Dont worry, I can sponsor beer for this article 🙂

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