Let’s build valuable companies. Together.

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The latest tweet in my timeline read – “Running a company is often the loneliest job around“. Does it resonate with you? If yes, I am writing this post just for you.

When I started building WebEngage with my co-founder and team, we were just like you – small, aggressive, resource crunched, bankrupt and passionate. I used to draw a lot of inspiration from entrepreneurs who had battled it hard to create successful businesses. I was tempted to believe that these companies and their founders have to be the first people I should ever go to, for help and advice. I had utmost respect for the people behind these companies.

So, when we got ready to show a version 1 of our stuff to the world almost an year ago, I thought it might be a good idea to show it to these guys and get to hear from the horses’s mouth first. I reached out to most people who talk about their entrepreneurial journey in all sort of seminars and events today.

What kind of help did I seek?
In most cases just an emotional support – a few kind words, sharing of some specific learnings and random rants over a cup of coffee. And in some cases, a request to pay heed to my business propositions that could have been mutually beneficial.

What did I get?
People didn’t respond. Some who did, said we were “too small” to be even considered to discuss a business proposition. And for the rest, who I asked to test drive the product – “I am currently traveling”  came as the most common excuse.

What did I do then?
I got the answer to my long standing question – Why are we ages behind the valley ecosystem? And then I realized that its time to put our act together, get the balls rolling on our own without expecting help of any kind. So we did. We went through a lot of pain and worked hard to release the final product we had dreamt of. Fast forward to today, we have done incredibly well as a company that continues to make a mark globally with its powerful offering.

What do I plan to do next?
Of-course, continue to build a valuable business as the first thing. Our idea flew and we have gotten great traction going; however, I am still as raw and pure as I was an year ago. I have made a promise to myself that I’ll never disappoint any committed entrepreneur ever in my life. I try to keep my promise everyday – be it replying promptly to emails or making worthy introductions or sharing insights. As a company, we live by the same motto. Some recent examples – Fellas from Zepo, a company just getting off the ground now, wished to integrate WebEngage inside their e-commerce platform. We obliged. We also expressed our love for several.other.startups and funds by offering them FREE subscriptions of WebEngage. Additionally, I never shy away from making worthy introductions and connections. I respond to entrepreneurs first; before I respond to anyone else.

Let’s build valuable companies. Not just by focusing on our respective businesses, but also by helping others who deserve some of our time and attention. Its about time to lay a solid foundation for the next set of 10 hottest global internet companies to emerge from India. Let’s help each other for the world to take a note of the fact that we have arrived.

We need more love and less cynicism. More is less, they say …

Latest Comments

  1. Abhishek Anand says:

    You are an inspiration sir. I remember you attending my 5am SOS call. The ISM fraternity is and will remain proud of you always. Keep inspiring us and guiding us.

  2. Chirag Chamoli (@chiraged) says:

    Amazing, will bug you offline with some ideas.

  3. Rakesh Soni says:

    Wonderful job sir and I am seeing rise of webEngage…. really encouraging 🙂

  4. jayeshsidhwani says:

    Nicely written. Read every line. I know who to bug now 😉 Let’s catch up for coffee? 🙂

  5. Bachao says:

    You just blew my cover 🙂

  6. Shoonya. says:

    Love you 🙂

  7. Rabi says:

    Happy to say we were the early beta users for webengage.. as this week we also launched the newer version of iDubba, we hope to keep on getting good advice from startups fraternity 🙂

  8. Prashant says:

    I am Prashant Sahni, I am a web developer, i want to open my own consulting company, but i do not find like minded people to join me. Either i find people who are much ahead of me, or people like who are not passionate enough. I feel like travelling on a ship lonely. But i am very-2 optimistic, i will do it.

  9. Amit says:

    Good Work. Keep it up!

  10. thestupidmonkey says:

    Nice article Avlesh. In fact, I too have some stories of my own to share regarding starting up and why and how many start ups die due to lack timely help, mentorship and/or funds. From my experience I can say that Seed Funding and Angel Investment for smaller start ups is a mere word in India.
    I’ve heard that same excuse about being “too small” for these so-called investors to take interest in someone’s idea or take them seriously.

  11. Abdul N says:

    Thats great article,certainly people are getting inspired by these articles of immense depth of reality what is in store ahead for all of us entrepreneurs,a true entrepreneur will have to and has to cross hurdles to finally emerge as successful visioners. WebEngage will be huge man, I am seeing it growing. just keep the pace

  12. Sudeep says:

    Well said…You understand the sprit of entrepreneurship …..People like you will take the country forward. Hats off sir. !!

  13. Manish says:

    I saw you first time in TIE Mumbai last December and from then following you.. Thanks for the inspiration Avlesh

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