And the angel turns 1. Happy b’day sweetheart

An year ago, we welcomed a sweet looking alien in the family. She turned 1 yesterday, and see how!


On 10th March, 2012


On 10th March, 2011

We celebrated the occasion with some close friends and family who attended the do on the terrace of a suburban restaurant (Machaan, Malad West). Some pictures from the event below. I’ll soon be uploading a whole lot of other pictures and videos in a shared space.

B'Day Pic-1

B'Day Pic-2

B'Day Pic-3

B'Day Pic-4

B'Day Pic-5

B'Day Pic-6

B'Day Pic-7

B'Day Pic-8

B'Day Pic-9

B'Day Pic-10

B'Day Pic-11

My wife can be a testimony of how “old” I have suddenly started feeling with a realization that I have two kids to shape a future for … (the other one being WebEngage). This journey is turning out to be awesome and we are enjoying every bit of it. On her first b’day, a proud pappa says – “Love you sweetheart. It feels gratifying to see you grow everyday”.

Thanks for reading. Coming soon with another boring post.

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