What is Webklipper going to be? Revealing our roadmap …

As promised, I am back. It has been crazy four months pursuing my startup and here’s an honest admission – I am loving it. I am loving all of these – building a passionate team, being written off by most people, being pampered by most entrepreneurs, getting support from my angel investor (though we could never agree on the terms and the deal never went through yet he continues to advise us in good faith), from being a prompt responder to VC emails to not replying them at all … ah! … believe me, all of this is fun.

Enough said! We as a team have been trying to put things together for the next release. What you see today on http://webklipper.com is far away from what it is intended to be. Thus far, we were trying to understand the problems and needs that Webklipper could potentially address. This post will explain the product we would be building in days to come.

We’d be following a “freemium” approach to our business. The free version would be a “conversation platform” – an application wherein users can quickly engage in a conversation over any webpage, image, pdf document, source code or for that matter any textual content. More details in the later section. The enterprise version would be a “research assistant” for online researchers, market research companies, KPO’s etc. This tool would essentially be an archiving utility aimed to avoid repeat work by use of automation. Details in the later section.

Webklipper roadmap for the free version:

  1. Conversation platform for images: First, lemme show you something. Have a look at these klips – http://webklipper.com/k/hLDcriSUZAZGYgE9cgYU and http://webklipper.com/k/e0iCsZ084krQOByBBWVh. Images, whenever shared on WK, have always engaged the audience in a conversation. We intend to make WK the simplest image sharing platform with the ability to add sticky comments on this image. We’ll let you klip any image which is online or on your PC. Users can restrict the accessibility (read/write capabilities of users) for such klips. And yes, we’ll make these images (along with the sticky comments) embeddable in your site/blog/FB etc. You’d love us for this, right?
  2. Platform to exchange design feedback: In the last couple of weeks, WK has emerged as a feedback sharing tool. Look at this klip http://webklipper.com/k/16mbKwh2Ielk995gJ0Es for example. We’ll have a guided tool for designers, freelancers and UI design houses to quickly upload their designs and share it within the team or with clients to get their feedback. Needless to say, the access to these klips can be controlled too.
  3. Conversation platform for PDF’s and Webpages: A very basic personal research assistant for prolific online researchers. A tool that lets you leave footprints on these documents and save your memory in the cloud for later use.
  4. Platform to share and collaborate on source code: We love developers. In-fact, code is our DNA. We are building an excellent online source code sharing tool which will help developers share and discuss on any piece of source code (in any language). If you are someone who codes within a team, we promise that there wouldn’t be anything better to discuss and collaborate on a piece of code with your teammates.
  5. Better browser plugins: The humble right click menu plugins are quickly evolving into full fledged XUL windows (like your Browser > Tools > Options window). WK plugins would give you quick access to your klips and provide you easy ways of annotating and sharing the current webpage (or document). A must have for die hard WK fans. And yes, these plugins will have auto-update capabilities.

Each of the above mentioned klips could be embedded nicely into your site/blog/FB etc. If everything goes right, 31st Ocotober 2010 is the deadline we are running against.

Webklipper roadmap for the enterprise version:

  1. The enterprise version would be a SaaS based research assistant for teams and individuals: It would be available as a paid software under single and multi-user license. It would be a research assistant with two primary goals – #1. keep an archive of all that is klipped under a hierarchical tree based taxonomy (meaning users can create folders within folder … to store a klip and follow a naming convention that they wish) and #2. if any page (or document) has already been klipped, the tool would prompt a user for the same to avoid repeat work. Other than these, the regular enterprise features would come in bundled – multiple level of users, concept of teams and collaboration between them, dashboard to see activity, visual reports on usage of klips etc. We are building an extensible application which means our enterprise users can extend some of the functionality and plug in their custom components as well.
  2. Webklipper enterprise desktop client: Yes, you heard it right. For easy adoption and ease of usage, we’ll be offering a lightweight desktop application to our premium users. It will have all the features as mentioned above. On top of those, users (administrators) would have a control on when to “sync” the changes to the cloud. The desktop client could be configured to run in “auto save” or “scheduled save” (every friday, 5pm) or “manual save” mode. Typical desktop features like file drag/drop etc would come bundled.

Enterprise users will get an enhanced version of the browser plugins. We’ll facilitate a one month free trial before a user plans to buy the license. We aim to release a first version by Dec 15th, 2010 thereby celebrating 2011 as the year of revenues 😉

We have signed up our first enterprise client – a Hyderabad based market research company – Checkonomics. We are on a roll. WK is in the process of incorporation. I’ll get back to you in the last week of September introducing you to my enviable startup team.

Our dream is to be known as “Webklipper, the kickass Indian startup in global consumer and enterprise internet space”. If you are a JAVA developer or an Adobe AIR developer or a JS terrorist, come, live the dream with us.

Feel free to tell me features that you find missing. Thanks for reading! Coming soon with another boring post.

Latest Comments

  1. Priyank says:

    The going is good! Lage raho 🙂

  2. aakash says:

    Looks great! All the best for the roadmap.

    Can’t help myself being nitpicker, so here’s one more request. While going through the image klips you have mentioned I felt need of seeing the actual image without comments cluttering the view. If you can give an option to hide all the comments and get them back, that will be a very handy functionality.

    • avlesh says:

      You are absolutely right Aaksh. You’d be amazed to see the controls in the next release. Fingers crossed 🙂

      • Prakash Raina says:

        Or you can design like when we put the cursor for say 2 secs, the comment which are over the image will be go to the back and the image will pops up..or some other way like the comments will get around 60% transparent. This is just what came to my mind…u can think better sirji.

  3. Ashish says:

    Sounds good!! Good luck

  4. Kumar Gautam says:

    Of whatever I could understand 😉 …things are moving up for good…I am sure you wish to be better and better…things are certainly going to be the best. Cheers 🙂

  5. Trisha says:

    Wish you all d best !!!!

  6. Mahesh says:

    Hey Avlesh,
    Feature list is good.
    My experience with webklipper is every time comments get grow main content lost. Comments are only good in context of content.

    • avlesh says:

      Thanks Mahesh!
      You are right about the clutter that comments today bring on to the web-page/image. We are making a solid attempt at addressing this in the next release and I am pretty sure that you won’t be complaining then 🙂

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