Motivations for me and my early stage startup

Starting up is not easy, it has never been.

And I am sure you would have come across numerous articles talking about pains that an entrepreneur has to go through in those early stages. Not that I haven’t felt the pain, but I am not going to tell you stories that you have already heard of. Starting up is an experience, and despite all odds there are a few things, other than hope ;), which keeps an entrepreneur ticking. I am on road to make Webklipper a global brand in the consumer and enterprise internet space, and these are my small, little motivators –

1. First set of users:  Nothing is more heartening than getting a feedback on your product when you know it is crappy. Webklipper, as on date, is not the best online annotator mankind has ever created. While we as a team are committed to make it better by the day, yet I can’t stop thanking the early adopters of my product. These are the people who have indirectly made my faith stronger in the whole idea. In a way, I work to make the experience of such users better.

2. An understanding team: I am proud to have some of the most sought after techies in the industry supporting me in building my product. Most of this help is part time because I cannot afford to have them on board with my small savings. They are working for me in an ambiguous arrangement – all in good faith. The joy of having them buy into the idea and live the dream with me is priceless. It is this wonderful feeling of trust, faith, commitment and passion which keeps me ticking.

3. My darling wife, friends and family: I have always taken decisions which were considered unconventional; rather impromptu. The decision to startup was no different. 4 months into it, and I have realized that my wife was more prepared for the days to come than me. She has been an excellent support and I swear, things would have been a lot more difficult without her. Rest of the family is no different. Add to it some of the most awesome men from my ISM days that I am friends with. These are the people who are closest to my idea and fuel my willingness to succeed. I work hard everyday to not let them down.

Thanks for reading.

PS: I am proud to announce that Webklipper has signed up its first enterprise client (even before the software is ready!) a couple of days back. I’ll shortly share what’s up with WK and where is it headed.

Latest Comments

  1. Nikita says:

    As Mr.Steve Jobs said It right – “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

    cheers & Keep going 🙂

  2. Manupriya says:

    Nice post. Quite motivating!!

  3. avlesh says:

    Seems it is a “comments from ladies only” day today 🙂

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